LISTEN: Paul Mashatile’s explosive revelations at Mining Indaba

LISTEN: Paul Mashatile’s explosive revelations at Mining Indaba – CAPE TOWN – A leaked sound clip of ANC Treasurer General Paul Mashatile, while speaking at the 2018 Mining Indaba has some damning implications for President Jacob Zuma. 

Mashatile said in the clip that 2018 will be a very exciting time for South Africa. 
He began his speech at Mining Indaba by reminding people of the new leadership within the ANC. He said that those people that wanted Cyril Ramaphosa as the leader got their wish. 
In the minds of many people, Cyril has now won but what will he do for South Africa, Mashatile wanted to make it very clear that their main role is to perpetuate good governance, especially after the Zuma era, where there were numerous reports of State Capture, corruption, and mismanagement.   
There will be good governance, Mashatile said and the new leadership undoubtedly supports the inquiry into state capture. In fact, Mashatile said that it was the new leadership that went to Zuma and called for specific names to be interviewed at the State Capture inquiry. 

He wanted to make it very clear that sorting out state enterprises, government enterprises and proliferating economic recovery is a top priority for the new ANC. 

South Africans have been particularly interested in this new transition within the ANC, Mashatile acknowledges that even President Zuma has asked about “managing the transition” within the ANC. 
For President, Zuma transition is a “strange word that you guys (new ANC leadership) have just coined”. 
Mashatile admitted that he had to explain to Zuma that transition meant handing over power from him (Zuma) to Cyril. 
Mashatile explained to Zuma that the ANC leadership does not want to have two centers of power and that is why it is important that Ramaphosa takes over, not only as the leader of the ANC but also the affairs of the state. 
The top 6 believes that the sooner Zuma steps down the better it will be for South Africa. Then there will be certainty in policy and direction especially for investors. 
Zuma said that he was not going to resign and that he was not going anywhere. The top 6 tried to persuade but could not adequately move him to step down. 
Mashatile then said that the top 6 are resigned to the fact that he must be recalled like it was done with President Mbeki. More shockingly Mashatile said that it will be done tonight (Thursday).

He said that the ANC has a party to run and with new elections on the way, the Zuma impeachment possibility is not something the new ANC wants to deal with. 
The ANC does not want to be in motions of no confidence and impeachments, Zuma may be prepared to deal with that but the NEC will not deal with that. 
That is why SONA was postponed. 

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