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We are a Durban based technology company that strives for business proficiency through technology.

Combining modern technology with forward problem solving thinking we provide solutions that, well, work.


Web APPs

Next generation

Reinventing websites and mobile apps

No upfront fees – Affordable and versatile

Progressive Web Apps

Using the latest development technology, we bring the mobile app that is also a web site. Or a web site that is also a mobile app. Whichever way you want to look at it.

Multi-platform, the PWA brings previously “mobile only” features to your web page, giving an incomparable user experience.

Why a Progressive Web App?


Progressive Web Apps are multi-platform. They adapt perfectly to any screen they’re used on mobile, tablet, or desktop. They are just as good in terms of design as they are in features.

Free Download

Progressive Web Apps don’t need to be installed to be visited, which therefore allows you to make your content easily accessible and eliminate the constraint of having to install the app, as in the case of native apps.


Increase your business’ visibility by your app’s presence in search engine results. Optimize your SEO and take advantage of a level of discoverability far from what the stores can offer.

App First

Initially thought out for mobile, Progressive Web Apps offer a perfect user experience, by bringing mobile development codes to all other types of screens.


more visitors to PWA

more time spent on your site


Download Instantly

Progressive Web Apps can be instantaneously installed directly on your users’ home screens, without them having to download anything or go through the stores. Their incomparable lightness also eliminates any memory constraints a device may have at the time of installation.

100’s of features and marketing tools

Push Notifications                       Geo location

Notify your customers directly                                Customer alerts when nearby

Chat Feature                                 Loyalty Cards

Chat directly with your clients                                      Digital loyalty card

Coupons and Vouchers             Social Sharing

Digital vouchers and coupons                                    Use social media to engage

Review SA

The quantified customer feedback system that adapts to your customer



AI is the ability to use gathered data to determine the next step – to adapt to the information gathered.

Knowing the customer was not satisfied is one thing – adapting and finding out what it was that disappointed is another level all together.


Simple really. We design the questions with your objectives in mind.

Relevant questions and answers are assigned a numerical and measurable weight. This allows for real comparisons. Questions adapt to gather deeper intel relevant to key areas.


By changing questions, you can canvas customer patterns and opinions across a broad spectrum.

This allows you to spot trends or problem areas. When you have an area of concern, you can adapt the questions to ask questions specific to that area of concern.


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